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Click to enlarge Organic Multi Vita Min Herb for Women (aka Vita Synergy, 120 tablets)
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Organic Multi Vita Min Herb for Women (aka Vita Synergy, 120 tablets)

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Item #0044: Make the switch from synthetically processed vitamins and minerals to whole-food, organic nutrients! Try Organic Multi Vita Min Herb for Women (formerly Vita Synergy), new name, same classic formula.

- Organically grown vitamins and minerals. Organic Multi Vita Min Herb is a pure, 100% whole-food source of certified organic vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients.
- Tonic herbs for renewed vitality and energy. Deeply concentrated formulas of Asian and Western adaptogenic herbs balance and support your body's internal control system. Experience strong, steady energy--all day long.
- Herbs, spices, and botanicals. Blended separately for women and men, each formula's subtle balancing and rejuvenating properties harmonize feminine and masculine life-forces, while nurturing the body.
- Perfectly balanced daily dosages. Organic Multi Vita Min Herb's whole-food co-factors ensure optimal absorption of our potent, organic nutrients. Because Organic Multi Vita Min Herb is so bioavailable, you no longer need to consume nutrient mega-doses, like those contained in synthetic multis.

Benefits of Organic Multi Vita Min Herb for Women:

If your energy rises and falls with daily stress, if you lack mental clarity or simply want to feel better--you'll truly notice the benefits of Organic Multi Vita Min Herb!

- Provides an organic whole-food source of vital nutrients in a single, daily dose
- Promotes vibrant sense of health and well-being
- Supports the immune system
- Balances women's natural rhythms—especially during times of transition
- Can be taken anytime--even on an empty stomach. Organic Multi Vita Min Herb is made from 100% whole-food, organic ingredients

The Organic Multi Vita Min Herb Difference:

Organically Grown Nutrients deliver essential vitamins and minerals in the form that your body can most easily absorb and utilize - whole food. Consuming whole-food nutrients is more significant than it may seem. It is of no value to consume vitamins and minerals if your body can't assimilate and benefit from them: you end up simply with expensive urine (sorry, but it's true!). Consider this: broccoli and almonds don't contain just calcium, they also contain a multitude of other vitamins and minerals as well as vital phytonutrients, amino acids, lipids and carbohydrates. All of these constituents interact synergistically, much like musical instruments in a symphony, to create the health benefits we associate with vitamins and minerals. Over hundreds of thousands of years, our bodies have become exquisitely adapted to receiving nourishment in whole-food form, and Organic Multi Vita Min Herb's Organically Grown Nutrients beautifully reflect this.

Organic Multi Vita Min Herb for Women is a comprehensive, organic whole-food formula that combines the wisdom of healing traditions from around the world with the best of modern science. A woman blossoms when she is deeply nourished on all levels of her being. Organic Multi Vita Min Herb for Women does just that. It offers women of all ages a new level of nurturing nutritional support, feminine balance, renewed energy and radiant health.

Organic Multi Vita Min Herb (120 soft-compression tablets, an ample one-month's supply)

Start slowly: To allow your body to comfortably acclimate to a deeper level of nutrition, we suggest you start slowly and work your way up to the recommended serving size. We suggest beginning with 2 tablets; one in the morning and one in the afternoon, gradually increasing to 4 tablets, or more daily. Please do not store your Organic Multi Vita Min Herb in the refrigerator, as it is very sensitive to moisture. A cool, dry cupboard is great.

Please choose:

Item #0044: Organic Multi Vita Min Herb for Women (120 tablets)
Item #0045: Organic Multi Vita Min Herb for Men (120 tablets)

Organic Multi Vita Min Herb for Women (aka Vita Synergy, 120 tablets)

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