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Supplements » Vitamin C

Click to enlarge Pure Radiance C, powder (4 oz / 120 g)
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Pure Radiance C, powder (4 oz / 120 g)

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Item #0041: From the lush Amazon Rainforest, a potent, organic, truly 100% natural vitamin C - with a blend of certified organic whole foods and wildcrafted Camu Camu.

Pure Radiance C is whole-food vitamin C supplement, made with a blend of certified organic and sustainably wildcrafted ingredients. This exclusive formula delivers the extraordinary health benefits of wild Camu Camu berries from the Amazon Rainforest to you!

With The Synergy Company's support, Amazon communities are sharing their Camu Camu berries with you while saving their homeland from the destructive practice of clear-cutting. According to ethnobotanist Mark Plotkin, Ph.D., author of Tales of a Shaman's Apprentice, "a forest stand of Camu Camu is worth twice the amount to be gained from cutting down the forest and replacing it with cattle." Thus, these communities now have the opportunity to create a sustainable economy based upon their ancient tradition of wildcrafting Camu Camu berries.

Is your store-bought vitamin C supplement REALLY vitamin C?

Probably not! Ninety-nine percent of all vitamin C supplements on the market today are ascorbic acid, calcium ascorbate, magnesium ascorbate or potassium ascorbate. Despite marketing claims, these laboratory-produced molecules are not natural vitamin C - FAR FROM IT. They are chemically synthesized molecules manufactured in a test tube and often made from genetically modified corn sugar. These synthetic molecules mimic only one of the numerous life-supporting molecules found in 100% natural vitamin C.

In the 1930s, Dr. Szent-Györgyi won the Nobel Prize in medicine for identifying vitamin C and all its many health benefits. Although he successfully isolated the molecule ascorbic acid in his research, his studies clearly demonstrated the vastly superior benefits of consuming foods rich in vitamin C. For this reason, even though he discovered ascorbic acid, he did not recommend its use! In fact, Dr. Szent-Györgyi affirmed over and over again that the best results occurred when people consumed vitamin C in its natural food form.

Today, most of us are familiar with the many scientific studies demonstrating vitamin C's important health-enhancing and antioxidant benefits. What people may not know is that like Dr. Szent-Györgyi's research, much of this research is conducted using foods high in vitamin C and not synthetic ascorbic acid supplements. This is a very significant distinction. The proven health benefits we all associate with vitamin C are actually created by the intricate interaction of numerous supportive co-factors found only in food, not in isolated, synthesized molecules. Test-tube vitamin C simply cannot re-create the magnificent synergy of whole-food vitamin C.

Bursting with the proven goodness of 100% natural vitamin C, Pure Radiance C combines timeless nutritional wisdom with modern innovation. Its potent blend of certified organic and wildcrafted foods, rich in natural vitamin C, safely provides you with the many benefits of this essential nutrient while protecting the Amazon Rainforest and its people.

After the Camu Camu berries are carefully hand harvested, they are concentrated in a proprietary process that safeguards all their naturally occurring vitamin C and bioflavonoids and other valuable co-factors. Then the exclusive Camu Camu berry and organic Amla berry concentrates are combined with a blend of certified organic, phytonutrient-rich berries and other fruits and sprouts to create a truly 100% natural and safe whole-food vitamin C and bioflavonoid-rich supplement - Pure Radiance C.

Pure Radiance C provides:

- Concentrated Camu Camu berries wildcrafted in the Amazon - proven to be the world’s richest source of vitamin C.
- Concentrated Amla berries organically grown in Himalayan valleys - the most revered and regenerative herb in Ayurvedic medicine.
- A proprietary blend of certified organic acerola, rose hips and lemon peel and certified organic, freeze-dried blueberries, raspberries, cranberries and cherries - this exquisite blend contributes highly beneficial co-factors, such as bioflavonoids, quercetin, hesperidin, anthocyanins and proanthocyanins, to activate powerful antioxidant activity.
- Certified organic, freeze-dried buckwheat berry sprouts - an abundant source of naturally occurring rutin, an important vitamin C co-factor.
- Bioperine, a treasured black pepper berry concentrate to facilitate the uptake and absorption of vitamin C in the body.

Only wholesome ingredients: Pure Radiance C is made with certified organic and wildcrafted ingredients and contains no additives, fillers, corn, gluten or synthetic ascorbic acid. All ingredients The Synergy Company uses are grown and processed without genetically modified materials.

Each ¼ teaspoon of powder or one vegetarian capsule of Pure Radiance C is made with certified organic and wildcrafted ingredients and provides 200% of the FDA's RDI for vitamin C – the perfect amount according to the latest research!

"I take vitamin C for colds...I prefer to get mine from Camu Camu, the amazing Amazonian fruit that has the world's highest vitamin C content."
-- Dr. James Duke, USDA scientist and author of The Green Pharmacy

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Pure Radiance C, powder (4 oz / 120 g)

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