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Book: Raw Power! The Power of Raw Foods, Superfoods, and Building Strength and Muscle Naturally (4th Edition) by Thor Bazler $12.95
Thor's Hammer, pressed tablets, Raw Power (1000 count, 250g, pure chlorella/pure spirulina) $34.95
Raw Power Protein (Original) 16oz, Premium Protein/Superfood Powder Blend $31.95
Chlorella, cold-pressed tablets, Raw Power (1250 count, 250g) $30.95
Tocotrienols, Raw Power (16 oz, Raw Rice Bran Solubles, made in the USA!) $24.95
Spirulina, cold-pressed tablets, Raw Power (1000 count 250mg tablets, 250g total) $29.95
Brazil Nut Protein Powder, Raw Power (16 oz, Premium Raw) $19.95
Camu Camu Berry Powder, Raw Power (8 oz, Wildcrafted Raw) $29.95
Raw Warrior Brown Rice Protein Powder, Raw Power (16 oz, Premium Raw) $24.95
Cacao Powder, Raw Power (16 oz, Premium Raw) $17.95
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Nick Goings, NFL Running Back, Carolina Panthers"Raw Power Protein has been an outstanding addition to my diet over the past couple of years. Not only has Raw Power been the high quality source of plant-based protein I was looking for, but I have also enjoyed receiving the nutritional benefits from the superfood blend."

"Raw Power is a key ingredient I use when making smoothies, energy/protein bars, and it is very good when mixed with water alone. I recommend Raw Power to other athletes and people who are looking to supplement their diet with a product that promotes nutritional excellence!!!"

- Nick Goings, NFL Running Back, Carolina Panthers

Mary Luciano "If you are looking for a book that incorporates a deep understanding of raw food and bodybuilding then look no further: Thor Bazler's Raw Power is the book that you have been waiting for; it is a book dedicated to true health and fitness seekers. As a National Level Figure competitor and raw food enthusiast, I can tell you first hand that this book helped me tremendously in my efforts to compete. A perfect blend of raw food nutrition and bodybuilding, Raw Power covers everything from how much protein is enough, raw vegan foods and superfoods that are most important to help you achieve strength and muscle growth to meals, exercise samples and tools to help you get started. Raw Power is one of the most comprehensive books available. Raw Power encourages and motivates both athletes and non-athletes alike, who are looking to incorporate more raw food into their diet and more muscle on their physique."

- Mary Luciano, The Raw Food Trainer, National Figure Athlete & Model

Alex Poptodorov
"Dear Thor,
I want to thank you for your inspiration and help for transforming my life completely. After reading your book RAW POWER, it took me but a few months to completely change my lifestyle. Now, I am on my 7th month and going super strong. Recently, I began applying the principles of raw food living to my clients. They are soaking it up and the results are amazing. Never in my 15 year career have I seen such transformations. What a difference your book has made in my health and life."

- Alex Poptodorov, Bodybuilder and Personal Trainer (

Kathy Feldman Leveque

"Thor, your Raw Power protein powder has the most amazing ingredients. Thanks for your awesome creation. It rocks! Protein powder doesn't get much better than this! I put it in my smoothie every day following my workout. My post workout smoothie consists of: 1 banana, 1 handful of frozen fruit, 1 tbsp. Vitamineral Green, 2 scoops Raw Power Protein, 1/2 cup water, 1/4 cup OJ, 1/4 cup plain greek yogurt and blend! It tastes fantastic and it's the purest way to fuel your body! Thanks for carrying our raw, organic Raw Crunch bars too!"

- Kathy Feldman Leveque, National Fitness Competitor, Author of The Raw Crunch Diet, and Creator of Raw Crunch Bars

Mike Adams "I love this product," exclaimed Mike Adams, natural health author and raw foods enthusiast."Thor's Raw Power is the first raw, vegan, organic protein powder I've ever seen, and it's perfect for those of us who eat right and train hard."

While bodybuilders may not care what they put into their bodies as long as it boosts muscle mass, natural health enthusiasts like Mike Adams are notoriously choosy in deciding what to consume. "I need supplemental protein because I train five days a week and I refuse to eat red meat for a number of reasons, both nutritional and ethical. Finding Thor's Raw Power was like discovering nutritional treasure. I've made it a regular part of my morning smoothie drinks from the first day I brought it home." -- Mike Adams, Natural News


"I have lost 40 pounds and am now a size 4, in the best shape of my life. I started taking your Thor's Hammer Chlorella/Spirulina mix a few weeks ago and am shocked at the changes in my body. I have so much energy. My nails are getting stronger, and I'm more alert. Everything is clearer." -- Olivia Amitrano

Danny Dalton Thor, I had a cold which would not leave me for months and attained your book Raw Power! out of desperation to recover. Within a few weeks the illness was alleviated simply by following your guidelines to ultimate health and balance! I have learned the importance of raw foodism in my journey to true natural bodybuilding through trial and error and seen proof that it is the only way to live. Thank you for giving me new direction.

- Danny Dalton, 54-year-young Raw-Food Bodybuilder

Strength Coach, Mike Mahler

"The taste of Raw Power Protein took a little while to get used to as it is a very natural product. However, now I really like the protein powder. It mixes well with fruits and it goes down easy and does not have a chemical artificial feel to it as most protein powders do."

- Mike Mahler, Strength Coach

"Thank you for your wonderful products! This is Emily from Alaska. Some time in the future I'll be moving back to Wasilla, but I'm working up here in Prudhoe Bay, and I will be here in Prudhoe Bay for quite some time. I just want to say, eating raw has not only made a big improvement on my performance, it has put me in a much better mood and better out look on life in general!! =^) Working on the North Slope is very hard and the environment is extremely isolated. It is very easy to get real depressed. I genuinely recommend all your wonderful products (especially your Thor's Hammer) to ANY ONE who worked on the North Slope or any one who works in a remote location where the climate is extreme. I love how my supervisor says, "Emily's unstoppable, she took her Thor's Hammer!" Again, thank you guys so much!!"

"Thor's Hammer tablets. Good stuff. I ordered it and wasn't enthusiastic until I went to visit a relative and took some with me because I knew their diet is not that great. Ate some - 10 tabs to be exact. Next day I was up, energetic and feeling great. So I started doing 10 per meal. My energy is up. In addition to this I have been drinking green smoothies (a la Boutenko) for 10 years and have read the raw vegan literature. Last night I ate 15 or 25 more Thor's Hammer. I got it - what Gabriel Cousens was saying and you - I have your book, and some of the other people who write about eating greens. So this morning I bought mostly green veggies. I feel great! Thanks. I plan to go 90% raw." S.N.

"Raw power is great. Makes my life easy by having lots of superfoods in one drink."

From Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, at Natural News: "Raw Power Protein Superfood is the best-tasting raw vegan protein blend we've ever carried. I'm always skeptical of protein products because most of the vegan proteins taste bland or chalky. The list of such protein products that actually taste good is very small, and finding one that's certified organic and soy-free is almost like trying to locate four-leaf clovers in your yard. That's why I'm super excited to be able to bring you RAW POWER! superfood. Amazing ingredients, amazing taste. There have been a lot of attempts to make a non-dairy, raw organic protein powder, but most of those attempts have fallen flat. It's extremely difficult to get a raw non-dairy protein powder to have any kind of decent taste, but RAW POWER pulled it off with these ingredients: Hemp Protein Powder, Brazil Nut Protein Powder, Maca Powder, Goji Berry Powder, Mesquite Powder, Maca Extreme, Vanilla Bean Powder. The result is a really delicious taste that sort of reminds me of graham crackers or a multi-grain Chex breakfast cereal of some kind. As far as vegan protein powders go, this taste is very, very good, and I've been using it in both my fruit smoothies as well as my chocolate avocado smoothies. It's obviously not as sweet-tasting as whey protein, but for those who are avoiding dairy, Raw Power Protein Superfood is among the very best available today, anywhere in the world. What's interesting is that each of the ingredients in RAW POWER is a superfood all by itself! The goji berry powder ups the antioxidants in a big way. Brazil nuts are traditionally a great source of the trace mineral selenium. Mesquite powder is an ancient superfood consumed by the American Indians. Hemp is, of course, a hugely sustainable crop with seemingly countless benefits for both growers and consumers. In all, RAW POWER is a shining example of vegan protein powders done right! Both the taste and the nutrition are at the top of its class, and for what it is, the price is surprisingly reasonable. What's NOT in Raw Power Protein Superfood:NO pesticides, NO cholesterol, NO GMOs, NO added sugar, NO trans fats, NO hydrogenated oil, NO dairy, NO wheat/gluten, NO soy, NO preservatives, NO artificial colors, flavors or ingredients, NO animal residues, NO dyes, NO hormones, NO irradiation. Enjoy!"

Thank you for your Raw Power smoothie blend! Now our whole family can drink the same morning smoothie! As a stay-at-home mom, I appreciate anything that helps cut down my time in the kitchen. Thank you!

Hi, just wanted you to know I was in a store and a lady had Raw Power in her cart and we talked about how good quality it is and she has a testing machine at home and found that Raw Power is one of the few products that is very clean. So keep up the great work.

What I like about the Raw Power protein mix is how clean and high-quality the ingredients are. All the other protein mixes I've tried (and I've tried everything) have at least one poor quality ingredient, usually several, but Raw Power truly has the best ingredients I've ever come across.

Thor's Raw Power Protein Superfood Blend is simply the best protein superfood product out there. It covers so many bases as far as overall nutrition goes. I've been taking it for over three years now with my wife and daughter. We are very satisfied with this product.

Thor, Hello there to you and your team! I just finished reading your book Raw Power for the 2nd or 3rd time. I learn something new each time. I have been teeter-tottering between junk, raw, and fasting for many years. My weight and fitness have ebbed and flowed with those changes. I am now at the point in my life when I am ready to make a change for the better and stick with it. I was inspired by your book to get started once again. Thank you very much. Sincerely, Michael San Jose, CA

Just wanted to express my gratitude for your prompt service and your excellent products... I am older and find that the Chlorella is helping boost my energy and helping me feel should be recommended for all seniors. Really easy on the digestion...Thank you guys rock!

I recieved my items with no problems. Your products are great quality and were packed very nicely. Thanks for fast shipping. Hope you had a great Christmas and New Years. Thanks for your great service.

Have incorporated Thor's Hammer into my daily. I'm working overseas and will have to order ahead of time so as to not interupt my intake. Great stuff. Will be utilizing your services into the ever. Good Health!

Thor! I read your Raw Power book ten years ago. Changed my life man! Met raw people from all over since then! (Have a bottle of Raw Power Protein in the fridge) RAW!

Review of Raw Power! Protein Superfood Blend - Original (Vegan, Gluten-Free, Soy-Free)

The second I saw the name Thor Bazler at the helm of Raw Power, I was sold. Seriously, that is a very cool name for someone who produces protein and nutritional supplements. But behind the name lies a company that is very passionate about quality.

Raw Power is of course raw, vegan, certified organic, and made with a crazy load of superfoods, including Maca, Goji Berries, Brazil Nuts, Hemp, Mesquite, and...wait, that's everything. Yes, no fillers of any kind; this is truly a whole food powder.

I heard about this product from a press release stating that they had increased the protein content by over 30%. Since my husband and I were about to embark on a new fitness program, and I needed some good dairy-free sources of protein, I decided to give it a go.

In terms of the protein levels, I think it is excellent for a post-workout recovery drink or for spiking an energy smoothie with a bit of protein and some high antioxidant ingredients. One serving previously had 8 grams of protein, but they have upped it to 10.5 grams. Since I was fairly new to protein powders, I was surprised that one serving was basically 1/4 cup, quite a bit! At first, I was a bit stifled, because I couldn't find serving instructions anywhere on the package. Luckily they were on the site, 2 scoops (1 serving) of Raw Power in 12 ounces of water...or of course you can make a smoothie with it.

To give it the run through, I tried it with just water first. Since it has some hemp protein powder in it, there was a little bit of that sandy texture, but it was much smoother overall than pure hemp protein powder. I put it in my "sippy cup" with a lid, which was good to shake it up as I drank it, since a little bit tends to settle. The taste wasn't really sweet or bitter, but it wasn't bad. I found it drinkable, but not something I would crave. However, some juice, almond milk with a little sweetener, or a fruit smoothie took it up to that pleasure level. It did add some texture and thickness, along with the slightest berry and nutty notes to the overall beverages, which was nice. Since I am a newbie to protein powders, the full blown smoothie was still my preferred medium for Raw Power, but the others were pleasant enough.

But when we were about halfway through the canister, an idea came to mind. I keep seeing all of those chocolate bars spiked with goji and maca and the latest superfood of the month...why not make my own? So, with a good chunk of dark Callebaut chocolate in hand, I melted it down, let it cool, and stirred in a serving of Raw Power. I poured the chocolate into some silicone muffin tins, put them in the freezer for about an hour, and viola - homemade Superfood Chocolate! While you could still detect a little bit of that hemp grit, it was overall very delicious, and a great way to enjoy all of the latest names in antioxidants if you ask me.

Some more pluses about Raw Power...though it is made from hemp and brazil nuts, it is pretty low in fat, just 2g per servings. Since most people using protein powders are seeking lean protein (including myself!), I was happy to see this. Unlike many protein powders it also has a good dose of carbs, which I actually like. They say the perfect ratio for a recovery drink is 4:1 of carbohydrates to protein. With this in mind, blending one 1 serving of Raw Power with 1 cup of orange juice or a banana (and some water) will yield a good ratio for post-workout. Also, I like that the protein is from pure raw foods. Many proteins powders are from concentrates or isolates, removing the protein from its source.

When purely protein is my goal, I do reach for something with more lean protein per ounce, but for a whole food nutritional supplement, I am definitely impressed with the make-up of Raw Power. Raw Power also comes in Vanilla, Chocolate, and Green (with barley grass powder) varieties, but thus far, I have only tried the original.

Review by Alisa Fleming, author of "Go Dairy Free: The Guide & Cookbook."

Your product is awesome!!! I have been using Raw Power! Protein for a few years now. Last year, I finished in the top 10 of my company's fitness competition. This year I'm on track to do even better. What you're doing is incredible and I sincerely want you to be as successful as possible. Please let me know what I can do.

I just wanted to let you know that I recently tried one of your products (Raw Power! protein powder chocolate) and I think it is just AMAZING! I am really thankful that I found your website and I can't wait to incorporate your products into my new lifestyle. I have been struggling with systemic Candida for years and since March I have been on a strict diet to help alleviate my health issues. The die-off symptoms of Candida have left me very tired and weak most of the time, but after a friend recommended I try the Rawpower protein powder, I felt totally wonderful and better than I have in years. I can't tell you enough how grateful I am for finding this product. Thank you, thank you, thank you for making such high quality products to share with the world.

Hi Thor & Jolie,

Just a quick email to tell you how much I enjoyed Green Raw Power in raw smoothie tonight. I just received your package in the mail today and was very eager to test it out. The taste is amazing and I had tons of energy for my workout at the gym afterwards.

I had the privilege of meeting you both back in the Fall of 2002 at Nature's First Law in San Diego, and I am excited to hear that you are thriving and doing well now in Idaho.

I will be placing a monthly order for Green Raw Power and will be trying the Vanilla Raw Power too.

Are you planning on doing any seminars in the future? Please keep me posted as I would love to attend. I haven't been to Idaho since I was a teenager on vacation at Sun Valley, so I would be thrilled to plan a vacation around one of your seminars.

Best Wishes

The energy flowing from your website is wonderfully refreshing and life-affirming.

I've been ordering your Raw Power products for about a year and love them!! Thank you SO much for creating such awesome products!!

I love Raw Power Protein shakes! It has been very hard to find and I came across this website, I am so thankful!

Raw Power is an excellent super protein powder! 1-2 scoops keeps my energy going for hours. It's very easy to digest and tastes great! Thanks for a great product that our raw food and regular clients love! Cheers! Wayne, Forever Healthy

As a former bodybuilder, olympic weight-lifter, and a present 100% raw-foodist, I think your book "Raw Power!" is the best I've ever read on the subject -- it's great -- keep it up!

Thanks a bunch! Love RAW POWER. I now make that my midday meal. It's great. My son, gets the variety 4-pack, so I am going to order that this time. Thanks for a wonderful tasty healthy organic product.

"Please send fast! Going on vacation and my Raw Power goes with me! Thanks - I love this stuff!"

"Thor, you helped me quit cigarettes 4 years ago on the 30th of May. Never thought i could quit until I started ordering from your site. Thanks a ton."

"I lived on Raw Power for a while and found it a good compliment to my raw lifestyle. Thank you for creating it. I have a man in my life who I keep telling about Raw Power. He thinks he will not have the needed energy to do his mtn biking. I keep telling him to check you out. (We can lead a horse to water but we can't make him drink...) If it is meant to be I guess he will find his way to you and discover the benefits of your product. Happy Family to you."

Hey Thor.. I was just recommending your protein powder today to a friend that's getting into raw. I won the gift basket at last year's Total Health Show here in Toronto and it had a canister in it and I totally loved it. I haven't tried the vanilla and chocolate yet but can't wait.. yum! I LURVE my morning smoothie and love it even more with Raw Power protein. Thanks for what you do. Peace and health and all things wonderful to you.

"I have enjoyed your products and also your books since you were in California."

Hi Thor!

Thank you so much for your quick response. I bought your Raw Power Original tonight. I am a vegan and work in a supplement department of a natural foods store. We sell your product (I was recently hired and wanted to try your product after using another protein product for the past few years - I was intrigued by Raw Power as something different). I enjoyed the taste of the "original" greatly and am now excited to try the Vanilla next. I will be sure to spread the word to our customers about this great Vegan protein. I like that you use something other than Rice protein (as that doesn't sit well with me). The Brazil Nut with the maca was very delicious. I can't wait to have more tomorrow.

Best wishes!

"My Vanilla Raw Power arrived yesterday and I love it! This will take my green smoothies to a new protein level. Thanks Thor, your product is the best!"

Dear Family, I'm very touched by your mission, your story, and your service. Congratulations on turning another dream into a reality. My husband Chris and I have read your book and enjoyed your powders. We share a similar story as we are raising 3 young children in light of the conscious lifestyle.

I LOVE Raw Power! It has transformed the way I eat and enables me to truly love my green smoothies! Thank you so much for this incredible product! (We also homeschooled our 3 children--kudos to you!)

Dear Thor,

I began my raw food journey about 2 1/2 months ago, and recently a friend gave me a copy of your book, "Raw Power!" because I want to "bulk up" and get on a structured weight-lifting, body-building program. Since I started raw food eating, I have lost 20 pounds, and really don't want to be this thin. I am 6'1" and weigh 162. I am so impressed with your book and all of the helpful, insightful and life-changing concepts you presented. I am so motivated to refine my understanding and application of raw food eating and living while I am building a body of strength, endurance and muscle! You are to be commended for sharing such a wealth of information about such a powerful lifestyle! I know that I will succeed as I continue to build upon the foundation that has been laid. So, thanks for the incredible resources you shared with making healthy living seem so "doable." Thanks for your significant resources and mostly the excitement you have elicited within me concerning a robustly healthy body full of strength, vigor and vitality! I have become an instant fan of yours and certainly will be one of your shining examples!

Hey man great work with all you're doing about raw food. Your book was the first book I read on going raw. I am about 90 percent right now. Still learning and going along. Doing well though. Gotten many friends to become interested in what I am doing. Keep rockin. I very much appreciate what you do!

Thor, I love the your protein powder. It is the only thing that is helping my 90 year gma gain weight - she loves it!

I just finished my third container of Raw Power. I have 2 scoops with 12 oz water, 2 bananas, 2 leaves of kale or romaine, and 1/2 an apple or pear every day. I have a fairly heavy workout schedule and my energy is great. Your book is great. I continually refer to it.

"LOVE Raw power protein powder! My enjoyment of it marked my foray into going raw. Thank you!"

"Loved Raw Power and still read the stuff from the old days of Nature's First Law."

I have started reading your book, so far I want to say thank you for hitting me in the gut, so to speak! One point that really got me was where you say don't let the peer group bring you down. I thought about a certain person who has that affect on me, and I just really realized how we shift our resolutions sometimes to accommodate the atmosphere our peers provide. I like to think that I think for myself (got that?!!) but it is true that I act automatically sometimes without realizing it, in all areas, not just the raw thing.

Oops, I forgot the other point I wanted to touch...maybe it was about the concept of "Paradise Health". That's a great concept, it is!!!! Yay!!! I loved the point that everyone is out there trying to get an "up", a cheap thrill, an artificial stimulation. No one is even aware that being raw provides a high greater than any of the temporary, harmful highs. It's like Nature did not forget about us, just the opposite. We forgot about Nature.

Thor explains in Raw Power how to achieve optimum health and strength, on a raw food diet. He explains it so eloquently and gently. That all I can say is WOW and THANK YOU!!!! I really needed this book! This book is not just for the "body builder" it is for anyone who desires an awesome, perfect body. This book IS for everyone! If you have never understood body building, there is no need to worry. Thor explains in great detail all that you will need to know about natural body building, weight lifting, total fitness and nutritional health. He speaks from personal experience and has even listed several programs for different people.

I highly, highly recommend Raw Power! When I received this book, I sat down on my driveway and read it within a few hours. I could not put it down. It spoke to my heart and soul. Thor made me understand that it is possible to be on a raw food diet; and be strong, beautiful, and "glowing". I could easily relate, because Thor was very clear, and it is obvious that it works, because he has achieved exactly what this book is called RAW POWER! Thor even lists some mouth watering raw recipes, as well as a list of seasonal fruits and vegetables. I am so encouraged by this book - don't miss out on this great piece of work!

Thank you very much. I am inspired, informed and enabled by your wonderful book "RAW POWER" and I am 90% raw at the moment. I am going to arm myself with the knowledge I need to defend against the naysayers and the doubters who harp on at me about how thin I am looking (I am stronger and leaner than I have ever been) and how I need to eat meat, by reading this book!! Thanks so much again!!!!!

"Raw Power!" was the first raw book I ever purchased. The cover design is what compelled me to get that one and the words RAW POWER just jumped off the shelf into my hands so to speak. I also have "Nature's First Law: The Raw-Food Diet" and several others (all very inspiring) which I need to re read. I have a few friends that are interested in becoming 100% raw and I'm close to starting a raw club/support group in my area. I feel as though I need to become an absolute fanatic and take massive raw food action. I really appreciate communicating with you. Have a great day!

I purchased Raw Power a month ago while in vegas at the raw truth cafe. my life has taken a new direction and I am thankful that their are people such as yourself paving the way for people like me. I had been vegan for like 6 years and interested in the stories of raw but didn't pay much attention. after reading your book and turning to raw 2 weeks ago it seems as the only way possible. I have loved every minute of it and really like my new way of preparing food. I am also quite amazed at your workouts, they are are very motivational. Take care

Hello Thor,
I really enjoyed your interview on website. I am an avid bodybuilder 6'5" 220lb. who is starting to convert over to the raw foodist lifestyle. Currently, I eat raw foods 3 days out of the week. I'm gradually going into it so that I can teach my mind and body why I need to be a raw foodist. I will be ordering your book tomorrow. I was always concerned that if I converted to a totally raw diet that I would lose all the muscle that I have and not be able to put it back on. However, it is people like yourself that have convinced me that this need not be the case. I just wanted to say thanks for addressing the issue of the relationship between bodybuilding and eating a totally raw food diet. Thanks

"I finally got to read your book "Raw Power." I read it twice, great book by the way! The book gave me some good ideas. I got to raw food through bodybuilding and I am very motivated!! will do anything it takes. Thanks for your support!"

I was in your store after hours as you were kind enough to let me shop and talk to you. I'm writing you to tell you how much I appreciated the time you spent taking in helping me. I read your interview this weekend and was very inspired, thanks! You have no idea the impact. I didn't know much about you before I met you the other day and am looking forward now to reading your new book and using your training tips for my "re-creation." I am optimistic this will heal my inflamed joints (probably auto immune due to candida) because I really miss the tough weight training workouts.

My life is a real comeback story! If I had to title it for book it would be "From Hero to Zero and the Humbling Road Back to Respectable" and your books will be the future part of my story. This may seem rather strange, but I've asked God to bring to my experience people I can personally admire and respect, people who I would like to emulate and could take inspire me (hard to do) and to take my life experience to a higher level (or deeper,"it's an inside job right?"). You have done so... You guys are a god send. Why? Because of what it takes to discipline ones self for the greater good! To pioneer new ground and do so where the rubber meets the real road... "self indulgence," that commands my respect and admiration.

I've read inspirational books, self help tapes and seminars by all the so called "giants," I've been around and know a lot of world class athletes, gold medalists, etc., who don't command the respect from me as you do. I was truly humbled when I was talking with you guys after reading your book. "You" are heroes to me, and now after years asking my higher power for "purpose and passion " I now have just that... I now have the giant awakened in me with a "knowing" that salvation has come, and I will be used to bring it to others... through "attraction rather than promotion."

I have a knack for connecting with people and needed the vehicle to stir my passions to use that gift. A raw food lifestyle looks to be that vehicle. Wow what purpose there is, to set the captives free! I do know I must set myself free first and go through the "baptism of fire" (detox) and become more than talk. This I am doing.

I realize looking back that it was only my "ego" the other day mentioning my "national wrestling titles." Sorry, it was just my "insecure" way of wanting you guys to let me be a part of your lives, while all the while I'm sure you guys already accepted me for who I was... "a new ignorant convert to raw foods."

Take care

"VERY INSPIRING!! Thank You for your service in the world and for following your passion!"

"I just wanted to tell you how much I LOVE Thor's Raw Power! Thank you so much for creating this great product!"

Dear Thor,

I've been wanting to write you a letter of appreciation for awhile now. Your book changed my life. I've been completely raw now for almost 3 years and have come across so much information that it's sometimes hard to remember who I was only a few years ago. But the truth is that your book was the rock or pebble or whatever that started an avalanche of change.

At the time, I was 21 years old (I'm now 24), working at a G.N.C. in Greenville, South Carolina. This is two years after I dropped out of college and found myself having to figure out how to support myself in this very different atmosphere (I'm from the Washington D.C. suburbs of Northern Virginia). I ended up getting a job at a pizza place and got extremely good at making pizzas, eventually running a new restaurant by the same owners in Greenville. Six months of impossible labor (80 hour weeks) ensued, until I couldn't take it anymore and quit.

So I got a job at a local G.N.C. I had gotten really into bodybuilding in high school, I think when I initially started reading Arnold's "New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding." I started lifting and getting more and more knowledgeable on all the regular bodybuilding supplements, from whey/casein proteins to L-glutamine to creatine, etc... I befriended a couple of the serious bodybuilders at the gym, which led me to dabbling in a few oral steroids. That ended very quickly though, as I noticed I was developing bitch tits. I worked part-time at a GNC in high school, mainly for the discounts I got on all the Met-RX, MuscleTech, etc... supplements. As far as muscle is concerned, I found that most of that stuff worked very well for me. I had other, minor health problems, but they didn't concern me at the time.

Skip ahead to the Greenville GNC job. It lasted about 3 weeks. A single owner of all the GNCs in the area had a deal with a particular company to be the exclusive distributor of their products. It blew my mind. It felt like I was a used car salesman. The manager didn't care if I knew a single thing about 95% of the products in the store, the only thing that mattered was that I could sell these unbelievably overpriced weight-loss products to every customer that walked in the door. Luckily, business wasn't good most of the time, so I just sat around reading the books that we had for sale on the rack, which leads me back to you. My last week, before I got fired for not having a good attitude towards customers (because I felt guilty selling them this crap), I picked "Raw Power" off the shelf, not having a clue what it was. Within the first 15 pages, I knew that I had come across something completely outside my previous world view. I read the whole thing in one sitting. Why on earth was your book on our shelf? In a GNC that didn't carry a single vegan product, let alone any raw products. In a smallish, southern city where beer, BBQ and NASCAR are the most important past times. I'm not really a believer in fate, but I'm sure glad your book was there. Of all the raw food books by Cousens, Jubb, Howell, Engel, Mars, Alexander, etc... I think yours is the only one that I might possibly have picked up and actually read. If it had been a non-bodybuilding related book, I just wouldn't have picked it up. At the time, I think my only interest in nutrition was bodybuilding, that's it. If I came across something that was "good for your heart/skin/hormones" or something like that, it just didn't interest me.

But your book opened me up. I didn't change my diet right away, but I knew that I would have to come back to the subject of raw food sooner or later. Five or six months later I had moved back up to D.C. Got a job making pizzas again. I got a copy of "Nature's First Law" in the mail off Amazon and read that in one sitting. And that's when I couldn't deny the information anymore. It had been in the back of my mind since I read "Raw Power." But the moment I finished reading "Nature's First Law," I became a raw-foodist. From whey protein and rice and chicken one day, to hemp protein, fruits and salads the next. I didn't have any knowledge of organic foods. I didn't even know a single vegetarian at the time, and in the first year and a half of being raw, I never met another raw-foodist. There's not a single raw food restaurant anywhere close to the city. So I had to just figure it out on my own (and with the help of quite a few books).

I really wanted to just write "thank you" and explain my story a little bit, but now I'm really rambling here, so I'll try to be a little more concise...

I moved to Los Angeles last summer and my first priority was to drive down to San Diego to visit your HQ, which almost felt like a mecca to me at the time. Dave happened to be there when I arrived, so I got a chance to talk to him for awhile, which was really great. This is also when I found out that you had left the company, which was disappointing to me.

Since then, I've met what seems like most of the "big names" in the raw food community. I'm working for Matt Amsden and RAWvolution (a delivery service, if you haven't heard of it). But I never met you, which has left a bit of a hole in the whole experience. Then I read online that you've got your own company running now, which is really exciting. I can't wait to get my hands on the 2nd edition of your book.

I also still feel like a minority within a minority out here. Most of the raw vegans I know are just not interested in athletics or exercise. They're all great. I love them. But they're still the hippie/pot-smoking type, which I left behind when I quit school. I can't imagine there are more than 10 raw bodybuilding types on this planet, and you're one of them. And now I'm one of them. It seems like an unbelievable minority to me. So be it.

Good luck with all of your new endeavors. I can't wait to discover the next Raw Power product that must be in the works, and finish that 2nd edition of the book!

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