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Supplements » Minerals

Click to enlarge OmniBlue Ocean Minerals (8 fl. oz., full-spectrum, solar-concentrated)
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OmniBlue Ocean Minerals (8 fl. oz., full-spectrum, solar-concentrated)

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Item #0608: It is well known that pure ocean water contains all the known minerals. What if there was a way to absorb all these essential minerals into the body, but without all that salt? Well now there is!

From the pristine waters of Australia's Great Barrier Reef comes Blue Ocean Minerals, produced by a proprietary natural solar process and concentrated into a powerful mineral solution.

Blue Ocean Minerals is a whole and complete mineral system.

The quality and variety of ocean minerals in precise natural proportion and balance is far more important, powerful, and valuable than quantities of manufactured compounds in random quantities and proportions...

FULL-SPECTRUM: Blue Ocean Minerals is ocean-derived and contains, by definition, the 90+ minerals and trace elements known to fulfill our mineral needs. These minerals exist in their natural state, refined matrixes, variety, and natural proportions, creating an amazing opportunity to regenerate our bodies and fulfill our daily mineral reservoir with the highest quality full-spectrum minerals.

ABSORBABILITY: The minerals which naturally compose our blood mimic the same minerals found in ocean water - a remarkable and striking attribute, which makes ocean-derived minerals wonderfully suited and most easily absorbed by the human system. It is this very match which makes Blue Ocean Minerals uniquely compatible and readily absorbed.

POTENCY: Blue Ocean Minerals are whole, naturally concentrated and sodium-reduced. One average daily adult dose of 2 tsp delivers the mineral power of four cups of pure ocean water (without all the sodium).

INGREDIENTS: Ocean Water - 100% certified pure naturally-solar-concentrated, 98% sodium-reduced, from Australia's Great Barrier Reef. A rich source of minerals and trace elements, containing the full spectrum of all the 90+ major and trace minerals as they occur in their natural proportions in ocean water. Blue Ocean Minerals® contain no artificial ingredients or additives.


Daily Dosage - 1/2 teaspoon to 2 teaspoons daily for adults. Some can experience cleansing effects as you increase your dosage, so it is best to gradually increase dosage from 1/2 teaspoon to up to 2 teaspoons daily. (Take your time to reach your natural dosage.) Blue Ocean Minerals is highly concentrated; you must dilute with 4-5 ounces favorite juice, smoothie or water.

(As a precaution and not as a recommendation, safety tests were performed by an independent laboratory at somewhat higher dosages, with no negative or adverse effects other than possible mild diarrhea.)

Blue Ocean Minerals® has the taste of real minerals in concentration and has no salty flavor because it is 98% naturally sodium-reduced. What you are experiencing is the taste of real minerals in their naturally concentrated and potent form. Because of the concentration, Blue Ocean Minerals® must be diluted in at least 4-5 ounces juice, water, or your favorite smoothie.


* Laboratory certified contaminant-free.
* Produced at an FDA-approved and GMP-certified facility.
* Safe and therapeutic at recommended doses.

Store the minerals as you would any supplement or medicine. Do not refrigerate.

(Transplant patients - please seek the advice of your doctor since Blue Ocean Minerals® can substantially boost your immune system.)

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