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Click to enlarge Ejuva Body Cleansing Program
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Ejuva Body Cleansing Program

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Item #0314: Includes all the LIVE products needed to complete a four-week cleanse.

Ejuva is 100% raw, 100% vegan, 100% gluten-free with 100% organic and or wildcrafted ingredients. Ejuva has over 90 raw, organic and wildcrafted ingredients that inspire the body to cleanse. Ejuva goes to great pains collecting their herbs to avoid the radiated, gassed or steamed herbs commonly found in this country.

Ejuva is not just a colon cleanse! Ejuva cleanses all the organs of the body as well as your tissue, your entire lymph system, your entire alimentary canal (from your throat to your rectum). And, it offers specific herbs for balancing your hormonal or endocrine system.

Since every human being has unique health requirements, the program has been designed to be taken in 4 stages, each lasting approximately one week.

The key benefit of completing phases 1-4 in sequential order is to help eliminate toxins gradually and safely without placing too much stress upon the liver and kidneys, which can reduce cleansing reactions. This phasing technique also helps your body acclimatize to herbs.

You choose which level is most appropriate for your cleansing needs. In each phase, Ejuva herbs and shakes are ingested. These 4 stages can be structured to suit your schedule and easily modified to fit your needs.

Ejuva is both the most gentle and the most intense herbal cleanse there is. Meaning, every body has different needs. So, with that in mind Ejuva was formulated so it can be adjusted to fit your body's exact needs. Ejuva recommends that one start with a certain dosage of the herbs (and 90% of Ejuva users stay there). But, if one feels they are experiencing too much result from our cleanse, one can easily cut back the recommended dosage. Likewise, if one feels they need more than the suggested dosage they can substantially increase their dosage to promote a much more intense cleanse.

Phase 1 - This is the initial phase and most mild of the phases; it prepares the body for deep cleansing. First time cleansers, toxic individuals, meat eaters, those with chronic diseases or physical problems start here. Even at this stage, old fecal and mucoid matter are expelled from the body. The herbs and shake are consumed once a day and three meals may be eaten per day.

Phase 2 - During this phase only two meals may be eaten per day, and the herb and shake consumption is increased to twice per day.

Phase 3 - One meal may be eaten per day and juicing is allowed, the herbs are consumed 3 times per day, allowing for deep cleansing. Many people elect to end their cleanse here.

Phase 4 - This is the most potent phase of the Ejuva Body Cleansing program. No solid food is eaten during this phase, this phase is a juice fast consisting of fresh fruit and vegetable juices. The body cannot digest solid foodstuff and fully cleanse. The human body will always choose digestion over cleansing. Juicing still allows for cleansing and can provide energy and nutrition while cleansing. Juice fasting will allow your body to cleanse 24/7. The herbs and shake are consumed 4 times per day during this phase. This phase allows for maximum cleansing and detoxification and most report feeling their best while on this phase.

This Cleanse includes:

1 Power (350 tablets)
1 Balance (350 tablets)
1 Renew (250 tablets)
2 Combis (370 grams of powder to mix in your shake)
1 Moflora (25 Grams of Ejuva's proprietary blend of Human specific Probiotics)
1 Vibram (30ml of Vibrational Elixir, included at no extra cost)
1 CD (simple to follow Ejuva instructions)
2 Spoons (pre measured spoons for the Combi shake)

Ejuva Return Policy: Returns of all Ejuva products are accepted within 30 days after purchase, item must be unopened, and there is a 20% re-stocking fee for returned Ejuva products. Opened Ejuva products are not returnable.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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