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Books » Plants Herbs Guides » Dianne Onstad

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Book: Whole Foods Companion  by Dianne Onstad

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Item #0541: In the face of staggering confusion and conflicting claims about the nutritional value of different foods and herbs, this book is a detailed and invaluable guide to natural foods. It is a perfect companion to cookbooks and should be required reading for chefs everywhere. No mere collection of dry nutritional information, Whole Foods Companion also explains the origins and naming of different foods and relays some of the legends and traditions with which they have been associated.

Originally published in 1996, Whole Foods Companion has become the definitive resource guide to the rapidly expanding world of whole foods. This revised and expanded edition updates key nutritional information in six categories:

* Fruits
* Vegetables
* Grains
* Legumes
* Nuts, seeds, and oils
* Herb, spices, and other foods.

Each entry includes nutritional value, general information, buying tips, culinary uses, and, when appropriate, health benefits, lore and legend, by-products, and descriptions of the more popular varieties.

(2005, softcover, 533 pgs)

Note from Thor: "I first met Dianne in 1995 at an "Earth Day" festival at Balboa Park. In our family kitchen, her Whole Foods Companion is referenced more than any other book, except the dictionary it sits next to. Highly recommended!"

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