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Supplements » Vitamineral Green

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Vitamineral Green, capsules

Our Price: from $24.95
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Item #0058: Over the years, the amazing superfood formula Vitamineral Green has been private-labeled under many names: Nature's First Food, Sun is Shining, Nature's Living Superfood, Alissa Cohen's Green Food Powder, Nature's Best Greens, Dr. Ben Kim's Greens, etc. It's all the exact same, great stuff, except with Vitamineral Green, you get the original product, and you get the most superfood powder for the lowest price!

Vitamineral Green is an extremely potent and comprehensive array of nature's most nutritive and cleansing superfoods, grown and processed to maximize their benefits. It contains a full spectrum of naturally occurring, absorbable and non-toxic vitamins, minerals, all essential amino acids (protein), antioxidants, chlorophyll, soluble and insoluble fibers, thousands of phytonutrients, and a plethora of other synergistically bound, organic nutrients. It contains no synthetic or isolated nutrients (and is not excreted as expensive yellow urine or stored as toxic deposits). Vitamineral Green is actual food.

Ingredients: 100% Superfoods

From the Land
- Nettle Leaf
- Shavegrass (Horsetail)
- Alfalfa Leaf Juice
- Dandelion Leaf Juice
- Barley Grass Juice
- Oat Grass Juice
- Barley Grass
- Wheat Grass
- American Basil
- Holy Basil/Tulsi
- Moringa Leaf
- Yacon Leaf
- Nopal Cactus
- Chickweed
- Ginger Root
- Broccoli Juice
- Kale Juice
- Spinach Juice
- Parsley Juice
- Carob Pod
- Amla Berry

From the Waters
- Spirulina
- Chlorella

From the Oceans
- Icelandic Kelp
- Dulse
- Nori
- Alaria
- Bladderwrack

Enzymes (for optimum absorption)
- Protease • Amylase
- Lipase • Cellulase
- Bromelain • Papain
- Alpha-Galactosidase

- Massive array of implantable species and Natural Soil Organisms (NSOs). Laboratory grown.

Comprehensive Probiotic Mixture - Beneficial Organisms. Includes Exclusive NSO (Natural Soil Organisms) and Implantable Species.
A. Agilis, L. Acidophilus, R. Arrhizus, DDS-1 Acidophilus, Bifidus, L. Bulgaricus, A. Brasilienese, B. Brenis, P. Chrysosporium, A. Citreus, L. Casei, P. Calcis, S. Cellulasae, P. Denitrificans, S. Faecium, S. Fradiae, P. Flourescens, A. Globiformis, S. Griseoflavus, P. Gelatic, B. Lipolyticum, A. Luteus, A. Lipoferum, A. Lwolfii, B. Laterosporous, P. Marinoglutinosa, B. Macerans, P. Nigraclens, P. Putida, L. Plantarum, B. Pumilus, B. Polymyxa, B. Stationis, L. Salivarius, B. Subtilus, B. Succinogenes, A. Simplex, S. Thermopolis , A. Terreus, M. Verrucaria, T. Viride. , K. Zopfit.

- Magnetically sanitized and purified
- Optimally Dried For Maximum Lifeforce

Nutritional data is as follows:
8 capsules = 1 serving = 5 grams
Protein - 1.81 grams
Carbohydrates - 2.03 grams
Fat - 0.15 grams
Calories - 17

Vitamineral Green consists of approximately 38% protein, 7% fat, & 55% complex carbohydrates. 16% of the volume is minerals.

Add Vitamineral Earth (Sacred Healing sustenance) for even greater benefits.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.

NOTE: This product will not be shipped to mailing addresses in California until Proposition 65 is overturned.

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