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Equipment » Bathroom

Click to enlarge GoStool, bamboo squatting stool (free shipping to the 48 states!)
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GoStool, bamboo squatting stool (free shipping to the 48 states!)

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Item #0622: A high quality design and crafted bamboo squatting stool, for a healthy and natural position for a bowel movement.

Made by a cabinet maker in Portland, Oregon, of FSC certified sustainable bamboo panels. Parts are finished with very low VOC water-based polyurethane, and shipped flat with easy to use assembly hardware.

Sitting on a toilet, which you probably think is a natural way to do bathroom business, is actually very unnatural and dangerous for your health. It can cause constipation, inflammatory bowel disease, colon cancer and even difficult childbirth delivery. The squatting position which may seem uncomfortable and rather too primitive, on the other hand, is an easy and proper way to your wellness. Here are some reasons why:

When seated, your anal canal is unstraightened and accordingly "choked!" Have you ever felt that you still have something left inside your bowel after you just leave the bathroom? That is because sitting is not the right posture to do bathroom business at all. The sitting position bends the final pathway between the rectum and anus, hence it obstructs waste from being evacuated easily.

Moreover, unlike squatting, sitting creates no pressure that you need in your abdominal cavity. (The pressure I am talking about here is beneficial pressure which compresses the colon and creates a natural urge to evacuate.) As a result, in frustration, you need to strain while holding your breath in order to push downwards. Yet even so, you still get constipated, and your colon is not as empty and clean as it should be.

Squatting, on the other hand, helps you relax your puborectalis muscle and straightens your rectum. The pressure from your thighs while squatting also facilitates expulsion of waste. Most constipation sufferers notice significant comfort improvement within seven days after switching their potty position from sitting to squatting. Hemorrhoids also heal quickly, as the squatting posture is adopted for healthy bowel movements.

Available colors: Amber bamboo or Natural (light) bamboo

Made in the USA

GoStool, bamboo squatting stool (free shipping to the 48 states!)

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