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Books » Recipes Food Prep » Jameth & Kim Sheridan

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Book: Uncooking With Jameth & Kim  by Jameth & Kim Sheridan

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Item #0534: One of the earliest raw food un-cook books, based on the famous "Un-cooking with Jameth and Kim" workshops of the early 1990s. Lots of delicious recipes, as well as little-known facts about health and raw foods. The 2013 edition of this popular title has been revised and updated.

Most people think that a raw food diet consists of "rabbit food" and involves eating nothing but salads and fresh fruits all day long. This is absolutely false! Most people want variety and don't want to give up gourmet delights...and you don't have to. That's where Jameth and Kim come in. They have researched multiple facets of health (and lived a healthful lifestyle) for the past two decades. They have experienced remarkable results in the way they feel and how they experience life. Their creation of these recipes was their way of keeping their own diet fun and gourmet without compromising their health.

Section I: Learn little-known facts about health and raw foods, much based on Jameth and Kim's own research. Their approach to health and raw foods is balanced and scientific, and their book contains much information found nowhere else. Learn about why to eat raw foods, enzymes, life force, sugar and fat in raw foods, carbohydrate/protein/fat ratios with raw foods, when and how to use nuts and seeds (and when and how not to), sprouting, leukocytosis (and how to avoid it while still eating some cooked food), electromagnetic radiation, healthful seasonings, cleansing reactions/healing crises and how to maximize their effects, why raw food does not have to be cold food, nutritional supplementation, which raw foods and raw meals are less healthful than cooked ones, plus more.

Section II: Learn how to make such tempting entrees as no-meat loaf, carrot stuffing, mock spaghetti, veggie burgers, vegan sushi nori rolls, soups, dehydrator crackers, instant dips, dressings, and more. Even raw/dairyless pizza! Includes valuable tips on sprouting. Say goodbye to that oven, and hello to good health...and great taste. These recipes may change the way you think about raw vegetables.

Section III: To complete your healthful kitchen know-how, learn how to make incredibly tasty snacks, drinks and desserts such as nut milks, dairyless milkshakes, super smoothies, puddings, non-dairy ice creams and ice cream sandwiches, pies, un-cookies, and more. Even raw candy bars! Enjoy guilt-free holidays with such recipes as nut-nog, pumpkin pie, and apple pie. Treat yourself and convert your friends with these mouthwatering, healthful creations. Everything is raw, gourmet and delicious. Now this is living!

Section IV: Learn some extremely healthful raw and cooked combination meals that do not cause leukocytosis and are healthier than many raw food meals that people commonly eat. Also includes resources for high quality "raw" materials.

(2013, softcover, spiral bound, 124 pgs)

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