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Books » Fitness and Nutrition » Bob McCauley

Click to enlarge Book: Confessions of a Body Builder: Spirulina, Chlorella, Raw Foods, Ionized Water, etc.
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Book: Confessions of a Body Builder: Spirulina, Chlorella, Raw Foods, Ionized Water, etc.  by Bob McCauley

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Item #0471: This unique book examines the roots of great health: algae, raw foods, and water, especially ionized water.

Ionized Water is a powerful antioxidant that provides our body with an abundance of oxygen, which gives us energy. It helps balance our body pH, which helps prevent disease. It is a powerful detoxifier and superior hydrator, up to six times more hydrating than conventional water.

There are foods that lead to life and foods that lead to death. Raw foods lead to life because they are themselves essentially alive, teaming with enzymes that make their nutrients immediately bioavailable to the body. Cooked, processed and pasteurized foods lead to death because they no longer contain the enzymes that make their nutrients bioavailable. Cooked foods do not rejuvenate the body and its cells. Rather, they assist in the body's agonizingly slow demise, a silent accomplice never suspected for the large role it plays in disease and aging.

Chlorella is considered a nutriceutical because it provides the body with the proper nutrients it needs so the body can heal itself. The human body is perfectly capable of healing itself if it is provided with the necessary vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids and other nutrients its cells requires. Nutriceuticals work to force the disease out of the body by building its cells and essentially leaving no room for disease. There are many foods that have healing and preventative health qualities, but none possess such a powerful, wide-ranging and diverse group of nutrients as Chlorella.

Spirulina's broad array of amino acids (protein) provides the body with an abundance of energy because amino acids are the building blocks of our cells. When our cells are receiving the nutrients they require so they can properly perform their myriad functions throughout the body, we naturally feel more energetic. Spirulina is an extremely high energy food. It contains all the B vitamins, which are synonymous with high energy. Spirulina produces all its nutrients by harvesting sunlight.

When we talk about reversing the aging process, we can only be referring to renewal of the body's cells. The most efficient and natural way to achieve this is to drink ionized water and provide the body with the exact nutrients and enzymes it needs.

Simply put, toxins are elements that do not belong in the human body. We need to spend each day of our lives detoxifying ourselves, cleansing the body of the elements that are alien to it. Detoxification needs to be an ongoing process, something that ideally becomes a part of our daily lives. The Three Pillars of Great Health are adequate water and proper nutrition, regular exercise and maintaining a positive mental & spiritual attitude.

(3rd edition, 2005, softcover, 112 pgs)

Shown below...Pure Chlorella & Pure Spirulina (Thor's Hammer Tablets, item #0556):

Book: Confessions of a Body Builder: Spirulina, Chlorella, Raw Foods, Ionized Water, etc.

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