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Books » Beauty » David Wolfe

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Book: Eating for Beauty  by David Wolfe

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Item #0669: Expanded and Updated Fourth Edition, 2009: "Proper nutrition is an art. It is an art form. Every bite is a brush stroke. Every swallow is a new color. Each meal is a cloud or a tree or a flower a piece of the beautiful painting that you are becoming. You are becoming an ever more attractive work of art each day. You truly are a work of art in progress."

In Eating for Beauty, David Wolfe, one of America's foremost nutrition experts, describes how to cleanse, nourish, and beautify by utilizing the benefits of a fresh-food diet. You can apply the lessons contained within this book to improve your appearance, vitality, and health.

Beauty is the universal language. Whether it is skin-care, a fresh-food diet, vital energy, or any other facet of healthy living, David Wolfe is the authority. Contains over 100 full-color photos and illustrations and references the most unique and highest-quality natural beauty products in the world!

Table of Contents:
•Lesson 1: Cosmic Beauty
•Lesson 2: Beauty Nutrition
•Lesson 3: The Acid/Alkaline Balance Simplified
•Lesson 4: The Three Food Classes
•Lesson 5: Elements of The Beauty Diet
•Lesson 6: Detoxification & Transformation
•Lesson 7: Alchemical Beauty Secrets (The Beauty Minerals)
•Lesson 8: Beautifying Foods
•Lesson 9: The Beauty Diet
•Lesson 10: Beauty Recipes
•Lesson 11: Body Beauty (Skin, Hair, Nails, Teeth, Eyes, Voice)
•Lesson 12: Yoga & Beauty Sleep
•Lesson 13: The Psychology of Beauty Consciousness A Gift What Is Beauty?
•Appendix A: Hot Springs
•Appendix B: Non-Beautifying Plant Foods

Updated and Expanded Fourth Edition, 2009
191 pages
7x10 softcover
Contains over 100 full-color photos and illustrations

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