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Supplements » Prenatal Vitamins

Click to enlarge Pure Prenatal, Synergy (120 v-tablets)
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Pure Prenatal, Synergy (120 v-tablets)

Our Price: $34.90
List Price:  $42.95
You Save:  $8.05 (19%)


Item #0698: Pure Prenatal from The Synergy Company has everything you want (and need!) for your body and your baby, and absolutely nothing you don't want. The organically grown vitamins and minerals are in whole food form and contain none of the synthetics, chemicals, and other harmful additives that you are likely to find in other prenatals. Delivered to your body like food, these special nutrients are deeply nourishing, easy on your tummy and so good for your baby.

The organically grown whole food vitamins and minerals are complemented by a diverse selection of whole food cofactors found in organic berries and sprouts which offer support for healthy metabolism, skin health, hormone balance, and breast health. Safe, gentle, and effective herbal allies like red raspberry leaf, the perfect pregnancy tonic, and ginger extract, well-established morning sickness aid, round out our nourishing formula that all moms-to-be will love.

Nourish your body, nourish your baby—with Pure Prenatal Multivitamin!

Benefits of Pure Prenatal
•Perfect for pre-conception, pregnancy and breastfeeding
•Genuine, certified organic vitamins and minerals—purity when you need it most
•Organic freeze-dried sprouts and berries to enhance and enliven your health
•Organic red raspberry leaf and ginger to balance and support you
•Whole food support for a healthy pregnancy
•100% food forms of nutrients are easy on your tummy and deeply nourishing
•Free of additives, preservative, GMOs, gluten and dairy

Pure Prenatal, Synergy (120 v-tablets)

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